After 101 Articles, My Favorites are…

Almost 2 years ago, I began writing articles for this blog.  My goal was to write about something interesting or humorous.  I intended it to be positive, especially with so much negativity in the media.  I have posted 101 articles.  Looking back over my work, I found almost two dozen that I would say are my favorites.  Here are their names, dates of posting, and a brief comment about each article.  You can read them (again) if you like.  (PS = Here is a picture of everyone’s favorite: see below)


It’s still Rock and Roll to me4/29/18 … I describe the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and many of its inductees.

2018 Winter Olympics3/1/18 … I wrote about 14 events or individuals in summarizing the Olympics. Hopefully, you agreed with many of the things I mentioned.  And imagine the time you saved.

The Toy Hall of Fame… 2/22/18 … Yes, there is a Toy Hall of Fame. Remember the first 11 toys that were inducted (eg, Crayola Crayons, LEGOS, Monopoly).  Hopefully, some of your childhood memories will return when the toys are mentioned.

A Final Thank You … 1/1/18 and 12/23/17 … Here, as I did in AFTY, 12/10/1016 and 12/18/16, I mentioned some of the less famous, but still important, people who died in the preceding year.  They earned a final Thank You from everyone.  The idea for this annual article was Bob Fletcher, 101, whose contributions I described in the article on 12/10/16.  I am proudest of these 4 articles.  If you have not done so, I suggest you read about the people mentioned. You’ll be better for “knowing” them.

A Dog’s Life 11/24/17 … In 15 cartoons from the New Yorker, I give dog owners (and non-dog owners) a glance at life from their point of View.  Funny stuff.  And our dogs all agreed with my choices of toons.

Ken Burns Looks at America9/30/17… Burns’ 28 documentaries are mentioned, focusing on his “The Vietnam War” which was just shown on television.

Paris, 1946 9/9/17 … From December, 1944 until December, 1946, my Father fought in Europe. I describe some of what happened to him.

My History With Ice Cream 9/2/17 … It’s been a 70+ year journey.  I loved every spoonful.  And I’m not nearly finished.    

The Great British Baking Show …8/6/17… This was not the Foot Network.  I explain the differences in hosts, judges, and participants. Much more enjoyable. ,


Baseball’s Past in the Present 7/24/17 … I describe a baseball website and 3 stories found there.  You will never forget “Larry.”  He poses with his teammates and best friend.  (see above)

From Zaharias to Ledecky 6/21/17 … I remember great women athletes from 1932 to the present day.  Remember “Babe” Didrikson Zaharias?  Opponents and cancer could not stop her.

Sgt. Pepper: Why So Popular? 6/11/17 … There was music before and after Sgt. Pepper.  It was the dividing  line.  The more you know about The Beatles and George Martin, the more impressed you will be.

Dog Stories: Angus, Jake, Luna 5/10 + 5/17 + 5/24/17 … True stories about our dogs.  We are better people because they were in our lives.  Supposedly, we will see all the dogs we’ve known in Heaven.  I look forward to the party.


Thank You, Chuck Berry 3/26/17… In 16 sentences and 6 pictures, I try to  explain why Elvis may have been the King, but Chuck Berry was the creator of Rock and Roll.  (see above) Eg, On Voyager 1’s golden record, the song representing Rock and Roll was his song: Johnny B. Goode.

A Photographer’s Work2/26/17 … Name a famous photographer: Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Gordon Parks, etc.  How about a woman with their skill.  Anyone? Usually not.  I’ll tell you about someone: Dorothea Lange.  She did great work, including a photograph possibly more famous than any by the men just mentioned.

Glenn Miller to Lady Gaga 1/29/17 .… What music did I (or you?) listen to from the 1940s to now?   Glenn Miller all the way to Lady Gaga.  With many wonderful stops in between.  Remember? I’ll show you the stops I made.

Presidential Medal of Freedom 11/27/16 … Why does someone get this medal, who received in 2016, and who got it before then that may interest you?

The Blue Bell Book Review (BBBR) 10/10/16 … Ever read the New York Times book review? This is not it, but (imaginary) books are reviewed that could be real.

The Park8/30/16 … NYC’s Central Park is “The Park” I’m talking about.  Exactly why is it so fantastic it has 40 million visitors a year and is seen in 300+ films.


Maya DiRado, Olympian … 8/24/16 … For me, she was THE Olympian I will remember from the Summer games. (see above)  Why?  Read on.

London Mail 8/18/16 … A few weeks before this date, London found some undelivered mail from January 8, 57 AD.  That’s not a misprint.  Who was it sent to? What did it say?  I’ll tell you.

Roscoe Was Always Quiet 8/15/16 … I remember my Father for 3 reasons.  I’ll explain.  He was a man of few or no words.  I’ll explain that, too.



About rcarmean

Two things... First, why have I decided to establish this blog? I like to put essays together. I research an idea or topic looking for information, statistics, stories, quotes, pictures, etc. I enjoy the process and seeing a finished product. I’m told that as I get older, new activities can help maintain energy and keep my brain alert. In other words, I am not doing this for money or fame. Second, regarding the gentleman in the collage of pictures's not me. Those are photos of Christy Mathewson. Why him? When I was young, my primary activity was being sick. It took up much of my time. Eczema (a case so bad I was written up in a medical journal showing doctors what their patients COULD look like), asthma, and allergies. You know allergies: don’t eat this, don’t wear that, and, for Heaven’s sake, don’t touch any of these things (eg, dogs, cats, horses --I only saw horses in cowboy movies and TV shows, dust, swimming pools, my brother --OK, that’s an exaggeration, Rick was a fine brother). In my spare time between doctors' appointments, pills, and ointments, baseball kept me sane. In the 1940s and 1950s, when I grew up, pro footballI and basketball had not yet become extremely popular. Baseball truly was “the national pastime.” I listened to games on the radio (remember it? TV without the picture). I read magazines, books, and newspaper accounts of games. I collected baseball cards. I learned about the game’s history, as well as present. The same with its stars. One man stood out: Christy Mathewson. He was a great pitcher for the New York Giants in the early 20th century. But there was much more to him. At a time when professional athletes made little money (yes, there was such a time) and ball players were considered on the same level as actors, artists, and prostitutes, Mathewson stood out. One of his nicknames was: “The Christian Gentleman.” Most men is baseball drank, smoked, cursed, and fought —with other players, umpires, and fans. The fights were physical, not just verbal. Mathewson did none of these things. But he earned the respect of other players who did them all. Even Ty Cobb and John McGraw. There’s more. He was a college graduate (Bucknell University) when most men were lucky to have a high school diploma. He played other sports, including pro football which you wouldn’t recognize. He was handsome. He played in New York City, then as now, the largest city in the country. Excellence and popularity there meant fame and money. He dressed well. Today, his commercials would rival LeBron’s. And, finally, a hero’s life must have tragedy. After his playing career ended, WWI arrived. He suffered from influenza and was exposed to mustard gas. Chemical warfare. His lungs were damaged and he required treatment for the rest of his life. (Like my Grandfather who also fought in The Great War.) He died in 1925. He was 45 years old. I have his picture here because you need to know more about him than me. He was what an athlete could be. Players like him and their accomplishments got me through a sickly, painful childhood and can still sustain me in difficult times. *****
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2 Responses to After 101 Articles, My Favorites are…

  1. Marc Kuhn says:

    Congratulations on breaking 100! No one can say you haven’t presented lots of good reads and your menu is loaded! So what’s on top for the next 100?


    • rcarmean says:

      I may write about Dogs and Movies exclusively. Until December, during which I’ll do articles on Christmas Gifts for famous people and end with A Final Thank You for people who made significant contributions to society but who went largely unnoticed.


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